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With Multi Clipboard you can use up to 42 words or textlines to fill your Clipboard memory
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27 March 2014

Editor's review

You would be able to paste large amounts of text from the clipboard when a distinctive short text phrase is typed.

This clipboard manager will let you handle up to 33 text strings with this program. You will need to associate these 33 unique names with the text string, which can be as large as 10,240 characters long. You would be able to use multiple such pages in a project. This can be a lot of help in distributing canned messages. Thus helpdesk or tech support can use these to achieve high levels of productivity in their work. You can copy from other editors and word processors and paste directly into the clipboard fields, or put the cursor in the edit box and select the [Edit Selected Field] button. The Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V combinations can be used for copy and paste actions.

Multi Clipboard supports multiple databases. So if the project demands it, you can handle a large amount of text strings. At a personal level this program can make repetitive work like form filling very easy. Pasting is easily done by pressing the buttons in the clipboard. But that could be difficult to do as while the name buttons are clearly visible, the text it represents is not very easily read through the small window provided. The interface could definitely have been much easier to use. With a little bit more attention to design, this would have been quite a useful program. Functionally it is good though.

Publisher's description

With Multi Clipboard you can use up to 42 words or textlines to fill your Clipboard memory. No more typing the same over and over again. With Multi Clipboard you just use ALT + number or click on the button to copy the loaded text. The daily usage of this software is endless, and best of all the Freeware version is FREE to use. You get 14 positions you can fill and save. With the Premium version you get 3 Preset buttons and 42 positions (3x 14) to work with.
This software makes your live a bit easier, if you work with:

* Internet forms
* Administration tasks
* email processing
* Accounting software
Use our software as a Freeware user, but if you need more options?
You can buy a Premium license.The Premium license is a one time fee.
Multi Clipboard
Multi Clipboard
Version 1.00148
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